THE SEVENS: My Novembers


I'm actually REALLY excited about this coming month so I thought I'd share a few of the things and ideas that will be keeping me company throughout the month.  Here are my seven Novembers:

1.    My November Soundtrack

 Well its rainy season so I’m feeling like some soft rock.  A little bit of Lifehouse and Switchfoot on a rainy day sounds perfect

2.    My November Snack
HOT CHOCOLATE and CAKE!!!! The hot chocolate for obvious reasons (the weather), and the cake simply because I have been CRAVING cake like nobodies business.  The craving is soooo strong and I honestly don’t know why.  And it doesn’t even matter to me what kind of cake it is.  I just want everything CAKE!

3.    My November Movie
Johnny Depp and Tom Hardy who just so happen to be 2 of my favorite actors, BOTH have movies coming out so I’m set for this month. J

4.    My November Word
BUSY!!!!  It’s sooo good to have a busy schedule again.  And I get to be back on set filming! YAY!

5.    My November Book
I am really in the mood for something motivational or inspirational.  I’m really interested by Eckhart Tolle so maybe something from him.

6.    My November Wardrobe
ITS SWEATER SEASON AGAIN!!!! If you look at any array of pictures of me, you will quickly notice my affection for sweaters, so  I am soo excited to dive into my collection again.

7.    My November Quote

Your mind is a powerful thing.  When you fill it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change.

Until next time guys, I am wishing you each an INCREDIBLE and UNIQUE November of your own.

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