I was 24 when I truly fell in love for the first time. It was butterflies and rainbows and storms and heartbreak. The whole yummy, messy lot. I thought I’d found the man I was going to marry and in him, my white picket fence future. HAHAHAHA WHERE WAS I LIVING???? MARS???!!!! Looking back, I don’t know if I should cringe or look with fondness upon my youthful naivety. I mean, he isn’t and wasn’t a bad guy but looking back, it is all too clear that he DEFINITELY was not for me.

But why couldn’t I see that, when I was crying on the floor, having gone through a whole roll of tissue, thinking that our breakup was the worst mistake I’d ever made? Or a month later when he wouldn’t reply to my messages, and it felt like someone had plunged a knife into my back? Or SIX MONTHS later when it dawned on me how little he was actually invested in the relationship and I wanted to curl into a ball and throw up all at the same time?

It’s crazy how you can go from, ‘I really think I’m going to die from this’ to ‘Why was this ever a big deal?’  Isn’t it. Our youth is filled with these life moments where there never seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel. And it makes sense. We’ve never been through these tunnels before. We’ve been told there’s a light somewhere at the end of the darkness but we’ve also been told Santa and the Tooth Fairy exist by these same sources so excuse us for having our doubts.

But then you fail an important test, and your formal education doesn’t end. And you trip and fall flat on your face with your skirt lifted around your waist in front of all your workmates and someway somehow, not only do you continue to get salary checks at the end of each month but believe it or not, no one grins or chuckles when they see you anymore. And you have your heart broken into a million pieces and a year later it magically (although let’s be honest…PAINFULLY) puts itself right back together again, with nothing but a scar to remember the heartbreak that was.

So as much as I know this is a lesson that everyone needs to learn on their own, I’ll shout it out from the rooftops just in case someone is listening; LIFE GOES ON. That famous saying ‘Time heals all wounds’ really does have some truth to it. The whole ‘there’s a light at the end of the tunnel’…. might not be complete baloney. And no, you absolutely don’t have to take my word for it. If you’re in your 20-somethings, I have a weird feeling you’re in the process of figuring it out for yourself. I know I am.

Until Next Time,

An Ever Healing Heart

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  1. You learn lessons at all stages of your life. And you relearn some of them all over again. But you are right, life goes on. It is not so much what happens but how you react to it!

  2. I loved your thoughts on this! SO often life doesn't go the way we have planned, but I find things usually end up better in the end!

  3. Most of the time lessons in life come after the fact, after things happen, after we've committed some mistakes. But you're right, life goes on. And as we move on, we can now look out on how we can apply the lessons we've learned in the past to present times.

  4. Life does move on and what we thought would break us only serves to make us stronger and wiser... Shell

  5. I totally believe that "time heals wound" and that there's light at the end of a tunnel". In my 40 years I've gone through a fair share of ups and downns, and can truly say that these are not baloneys.

  6. throughout life one keeps learning. till one realizes in the long run nothing really matters.

  7. There are times that we really get broken in life and love. Time does heal all wounds and I'm a believer of that too.