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Situated in the serene Muthaiga suburb, Karura Forest has long been a favorite amongst nature lovers and fitness enthusiasts.  Its expansive trails- some as long as 4 kms- guarantee that you can keep coming back and always have a new trail to explore. Its so big in fact, you are encouraged to buy a trail map at the entrance.  For the bike riders out there, bikes are readily available for hire.
And once you have finished your workout, you can make your way to their beautiful picnic sites for a quick snack or enjoy the various waterfalls found within the serene forest.

Located on the opposite side of Nairobi, in Karen’s expansive Oloolua forest, is this beautiful nature trail.  Though not as manicured as Karura, it’s the perfect place to go for a run or an energizing walk with your family and pets.  With its scarcity of directional signs this trail might be particularly alluring to those who would like to test  out their navigational skill.  Its 20ft waterfall and beautiful picnic site, reinforce it as one of the  best nature sites to spend an afternoon. 

 As it’s name suggests the arboretum is a place for not only fitness lovers but also tree lovers.  With over 350 exotic species of trees from all around the world, the arboretum is both beautiful and educational.  Enjoy scenic morning runs on the jogging trails or find a spot, roll out a mat and do some yoga.  Best of all, it has no entry fee.  That’s right, it’s FREE.   However if you enjoy your solitude, you might want to avoid weekends as it gets pretty packed with groups of picnicking families and friends.

 Now if you really want a fitness challenge, Ngong Hills is the place for you.  Situated about 22km outside of the city of Nairobi, the hills with their 4 peaks emerge majestically from the landscape.  It is estimated that to climb to and descend from all 4 hilltop takes about 4-5 hours so needless to say; it’s a great calorie burner.  In addition, you get beautiful views of the National Park on one side and the city of Nairobi on the other to keep you company on your adventure.  In recent years, there have been a number of reports of criminal incidences on the hills so you are encouraged to get an armed escort from KWS when entering the hills.   But if terrific views, a good workout and clean clear air are what you after, then the Ngong Hills are waiting for you.

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