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Hey Beauties,

So today I’m going to be talking about a product from this really awesome, natural beauty product company here in Kenya called Ajani Handmade.  I think what really drew me to this brand was their dedication to catering specifically to African women’s skin and NATURAL HAIR.  And as someone who is going through my own natural hair journey, having products that are all-natural and are made specifically for my sensitive hair is always a godsend.  So when I reached out to them, and they sent me some lotion bars and oil elixir, I was super stoked!  Now, today I’m going to be talking specifically about the lotion bars but I’ll cover the oil elixir after I’ve gotten a few more uses out of it.  Enjoy!

Shea – Cocoa Butter Bars

So I’ll be honest: I had never heard of lotion bars before.  Have you?  I mean is that backwards of me?  Is there some lotion bar craze going on in the world that I haven’t been privy to? I literally had to LOOK IT UP to figure out exactly how I was supposed to use them and why.  I mean, what’s wrong with the normal lotion set up, right?  Well, as I came to find out after 2 weeks of use, lotion bars have quite a collection of perks, and if you haven’t tried them out, you should definitely get to it.

Now the lotion bars I received were about 1.5 times the size of a quarter or a 20bob coin.  I know they have some bigger ones but I actually liked these travel size ones because I found them way easier to handle and apply.

When I unwrapped them, the first thing that hit me was the smell.  Now, if you are a lover of shea butter and cocoa butter, you’ll love it.  If not, it might not be your favorite thing.  I for one definitely like the smell of shea butter significantly more than cocoa butter so I was a little torn about the smell (I would love to see a wider range of fragrant lotion bars from them as they expand their line (maybe add an essential oil or two)). 

Anyway, once I got past the smell, I was pleasantly surprised by the application of the bars.  True to their word, they really were just compacted butter.  What I was particularly happy about was how smooth and lubricanty (I know that’s not a word but I don’t know how else to put it) the butter was.  I use shea butter all the time, and the one thing I hate about it is the fact that it doesn’t spread easily on skin because it is just SO THICK.  These bars however, were so easy to apply and I ended up using a fraction of the oil I normally would because a little went SUCH a long way.  For that ALONE I would buy them again. 

Another thing I loved about these bars was that they kept my skin moisturized for way longer than shea butter normally does.  I don’t know why or how but they did.  My skin was soft and supple all day long.  That being said, I don’t know what it is about my hands but shea butter doesn’t really moisturize them enough.  They will be glistening with oil but they will still feel hard (does anyone else experience this?).  My hands kinda reacted to the bars the same way, but because they react that way to most oils and butters (I end up having to use petroleum jelly) I wont hold it against them. 

I think my biggest disappointment with the product was that I found it too difficult to carry around.  They come packaged in a plastic wrapper, which is not reusable, so unless you have some kind of container to carry the bar around, I think you’ll find that you’ll only use it at home.  And furthermore, you need to be careful of where you place it because if you leave it exposed to the sun on a surface, it will start to sweat onto the surface a little bit.

Here is a list of my pros and cons:  

-       ALL NATURAL (Love, love, love this!!!)
-       Very easy to apply
-       If you love the smell of these natural butters, you will love the smell.  I you don’t, the smell is hardly noticeable once applied
-       It would be PERFECT for babies and small children for all the natural-nut mums out there. 
-       The plastic wrapping was see-through which I insist on for natural products because I like to inspect the quality before I purchase them. 
-       The owner is REALLY friendly to order from and they deliver right to your door in a timely fashion, which is everything to me.

-       It didn’t come in a container so I was kinda at a loss about where to put it.  I would have loved to carry it around to use throughout the day but it would have melted in my bag and gotten on everything.  I would love if they were packaged in something re-usable.
-       Each bar lasted about 3 or 4 days.  But that was after applying them to most of my body each night so maybe that isn’t so bad.  Actually come to think of it, they did quite well.
-       Lack of variety in fragrances.  I definitely think they should keep the all-natural one but I would love some essential oils added to future bars.  I think it would make the smell a lot lighter and fresher.  (that has been my experience with shea butters at least.

Price – 7/10
Packaging – 6/10
Delivery – 10/10
Use – 7/10 - It would have gotten a 9/10 rating if it had a reusable container.
Customer Service – 10/10

Would I buy it again – ABSOLUTELY!!!

Let me know your experience with lotion bars in the comment section.  Any advice on which containers work best would be especially appreciated.

Until Next Time,

The Lotion Bar Lover

Ajani Handmade

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  1. Wonderful post! I love natural products. I'll have to try this one day!

  2. Interesting product! Nice post! :)

  3. These sound amazing! I love shea cocoa butter products, but you're right, it'd be nice if it came in a container!

  4. This looks like a great product which can be used in a variety of ways. This is one I definitely want to try out :-)

  5. I've never heard of lotion bars before, but I love shea butter and cocoa butter. I will look out for these. Thanks for sharing!