NATURAL LIVING: Onion Foot Detox Review / Experience


Hey Lovelies,

I think this post should serve as a lesson to all of us.  DO NOT BLINDLY TRY INTERNET FADS WITHOUT DOING PROPER RESEARCH AND USING COMMON SENSE.  If you do, you might end up a little bit like ME.

So I had been seeing this natural detox cure online for months.  And it seemed simple enough; put slices of onion on your feet before bed and wake up to a detoxified body in the morning.  The holistic/scientific explanation behind this being that apparently the feet have nerve endings that serve as access points to all the body’s organs and are therefore the best parts of the body to pull toxins out of. Onions for their part have phosphoric acid which makes it’s way through ones skin and into ones bloodstream.  There is purifies the blood and kills all bacteria and germs it encounters.  So feet and onions together equal purified body and cure for flus, colds and other ailments.

Sounds awesome, right?  So after weeks of procrastination (because we all know I am a professional procrastinator) I decided to give it a go.  I cut up a red onion from the kitchen store and marched with determination to my bedroom with onions and paper bags in tow.  Now here is where I thought I was being a genius.  I figured that if I only put socks over the onions, the onion juice and smell would seep onto the bed and into my socks and the smell would be disgusting.  The solution was obvious!!!! I would put a paper bag over the onions first and tie it above my ankle THEN I would put socks over that to hold the onions in place.  Obviously that would keep the smell contained.

I was wrong (insert sad face).  VERY wrong.  I woke up to the MOST pungent DISGUSTING smell of stale onions imaginable.   I really don’t think there are words to explain what that smell was like.  It had not only seeped through the paper bag and socks but had gone THROUGH my bed sheets and had invaded all the air in my room.  Ick!!!  I untied the paper bag to throw the onions away and I literally almost barfed.  It was the WORST smell I’ve smelt so far in my 24 years of living.  And guess what, that wasn’t even the worst part.

The onion smell WOULD NOT GO AWAY!!!  For literally the next 4 weeks, my feet permeated a rancid onion smell.  I tried EVERYTHING to get rid of it.  I rubbed a stainless steel pot over every inch of my feet TWICE, I soaked and scrubbed my feet with sea salt and then with baking soda.  I even tried vinegar.  But no matter what I tried, the smell ALWAYS came back and would seep into my sheets and room every night.  I thank GOD I didn’t have a busy schedule so didn’t need to leave the house a lot because I literally couldn’t wear anything that exposed any part of my feet because the smell was soo strong. 

After 4 weeks of torture and daily scrubbing, the smell is now pretty much gone THANK GOD!  Did I feel healthier and detoxified after the experience?  NOPE!!!  My feet were a lot softer and smoother the next morning but that’s probably just from the moisture from the onions that was trapped in the paper bags overnight.  Other than that though, I felt no change in my body at all.

So would I recommend this onion detox to my fellow healthies out there?? NO WAY NEVER NEVER NEVER!!!!  Guys PLEASE trust me on this one.  DO NOT try it.  Seriously!  DON’T DO THAT TO YOURSELF.  Remember how I advised you to be careful in the OCM post?  Well this is that x100. 

If by chance you have tried it and had some miraculous positive experience PLEASE tell me what you did differently in the comment section because clearly I did something wrong.  And if you’ve had the same experience as I did, feel free back me up on this or give your own bad experience. 

All in all, this is definitely one of those experiments I will NOT be trying again.

Until Next Time,
Me And My Onion Feet

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  1. I have never tried it for that reason. My grandmother would do that when I was a child and I can remember the smell. It is awful, I'm glad you got rid or it.

  2. glad to know this. I have thought about trying that from time to time. NOw I know

  3. Thank you so much for this post. I literally had an onion in my hand and then stopped to just check out some people's review and thank freaking God I stumbled across this. After laughing so hard I had tears, I promptly put back my onion and zip lock bags and said, NOPE! Thank you for saving my house and my nose. You're a true hero.

  4. I appreciate the heads up, but you have just convinced me that it works as a powerful detox. Your experience reminds me of when I first started taking granular bee pollen for my severe hay fever and allergies. Bee Pollen contains powerful antioxidants and the first couple of days, I took more than recommended. The result was a few uncomfortable detox symptoms. The most embarrassing was the really nasty stench when I took off my shoes. Even after washing, the stench remained. This only lasted a couple days as did the other symptoms. After that, I noticed so many positive effects that it was well worth it in my opinion.

  5. i tried it, it does not smell that bad the smell will change when you woke up in the morning.. and after you take a bathe the smell went away..

  6. I tried it and I had the same thing happen! My room stank, my daughter said my feet stank of rancid onion 3 days after even though I scrubbed them ! But on a lighter note I had been having niggling stomach cramp and the day after the onion in socks I passed a stone when I went to the loo😁 .
    I have learnt my lesson, tonight I am trying again ( 6 weeks after the first ) but I am using a plastic pair of socks (ex foot soaknow ones that are clean) and 2 pairs of socks on top of that .. I can still smell the onion but it's bearable ..

  7. Someone is over exagerating. And the juice and smell is what does the detoxicing. Its sulfuric acid and has to be absorbed into the skin or inhaled to help with colds. The smell goes away after bathing or removing onion from room. I've used this on my daughter when sick. After 2 days flu was pretty much gone. It works better than cough syrups for coughs when done prperly.