LIFESTYLE: 5 Things To Get You From Stress To Happy Fast


 Stress sucks!  And in this day and age where there always seems to be more responsibilities and tasks to complete and less and less time to complete them, stress is almost unavoidable.  The worst part about being stressed for me is that when I’m stressed, everything that I’m stressed about seems to get done so much slower, which just makes me MORE stressed.  Vicious cycle much? 
Thankfully there are a number of little de-stressors that I’ve learnt and I swear by.  Here they are.

1.     Breath - Sometimes people forget that stress it not just in your head, it’s also in your body.  When you are stressed, your breathing becomes shallower and your system is flooded with chemicals telling your body to prepare for a  ‘flight or fight’ response.   Stress is honestly EXHAUSTING for your body.  A quick fix for this is to simply breath.  When you are stressed, sit quietly for a few minutes and take a few slow deep breaths.  Not only will it help get your mind off your stresses for a few minutes, it will also tell your brain that everything is ok and that it can relax.

2.     Be Grateful Sometimes when we are stressed or down we tend to focus on everything going wrong and we forget how right 99% of our lives are going.  So next time your super stressed and negative, take literally one minute and think of as many great things in your life as your can.  E.g. you’re alive and healthy, you can pay your rent this month, you have a car, your child is healthy, your coffee was awesome today etc.  Being grateful is the best way to improve your mood and put everything in perspective.  Maybe being 15 minutes late to that meeting really isn’t the end of the world.

3.     Music  - I am always telling people that music saves my life everyday, and I 100% mean it.  There is always a song that makes every situation better.  A breakup song to make you feel less alone, a hip hop song to get you in the party mood, and rock song to get your energy up.  My go-to song that de-stresses me and gets me crazy happy EVERY SINGLE TIME is Crying by Aerosmith.  Why that song?  I have no idea!  So find your song, pop in your earphone or blast it on the radio and jam out to your happy song.  I bet anything your stress dissipates with this one.

4.     Get OrganizedOk, if you we are honest with ourselves, we know that 50% of our stress is really our fault.  Why?  Because when we are stressed, it’s usually because we haven’t efficiently planned out our time or have spent hours procrastinating on YouTube binges and Chicago PD episodes when we should have been working.  So next time you are tempted to watch that video you friend swears is the funniest ever, put it on ice until AFTER your work is done.  You’ll thank yourself later.  Trust me.

5.     Pray Sometimes things just really are beyond your control and stress is inevitable.  Like when you find yourself at a hospital waiting for news about an ailing loved one or when you feel your life threatened.  In this instances I find that the best thing to do it pray about it.  God is always there and he has a knack for comforting people and performing miracles in the most impossible situations.  Just knowing that I’m not alone in any situation and that God always wants the best for me, has always calmed me down and comforted me.  I hope He can do that for you too.

So there you have it.  My 5 best de-stressing tricks.  Try them out and let me know which works best for you or tell me about your favorite de-stressing trick.  I’m always happy to learn new one.

Peace and Love
Ms. Cool As A Cucumber

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  1. I can't pick a favorite, because everyone needs to do them all. Well said.

  2. Thank you for posting this! I seem to be stressed out a lot recently and my usual bubble bath hasn't been doing the trick.

    1. OMG just did a bubble bath myself. Didn't get rid of all my stress but it definitely helped A LOT.