25 Get to Know Me Q & A's.


Hey Guys!  So I really wanted to give you guys an opportunity to learn a little bit more about me (plus I just find questionnaires fun!), so here are 25 random facts.  


1. What is your middle name? Mukami  

2. What was favorite subject at school? History, English Lit and Econ. I loved all 3 pretty equally.

 3. What is your favorite drink? Recently water.  Otherwise a cold Mango juice always hits the spot.

 4. What is your favorite song at the moment? Oceans by Hillsong

5. What is your favorite food?  EVERYTHING.  I love food.  But on a serious note I think id have to say avocado just because I don’t think I could live without it.

 6. What is the last thing you bought? A dress online that I hated upon delivery.   I’ll probably never wear it.  Wasted money!

7. Favorite book of all time? I always say Jane Eyre.  It’s the most romantic story I’ve ever read and its so perfect in its simplicity.

8. Favorite Color? BLUE!  But not any kind of blue.  I like acrylic oceany blues.  That being said, I hate wearing blue.  It just doesn’t look good on me.

 9. Do you have any pets? I’ve had pets over the years.  Rabbits, fish, a cat (God knows what we were thinking), and dogs.  I loved the dogs the best.  But no pets at present. 

10. Favorite Perfume?  I don’t have a favorite.  Perfumes aren’t my thing.  I wear whatever’s there that smells nice.

11. Favorite Holiday? We went to Mombasa with my family for New Years and I was the first time my nephew had been to the beach so it was pretty epic.

 12. Are you married? Not yet.  One day (soon hopefully ;-) )

 13. Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times?  Loads of times.  I’ve lived in the US on and off for quite a few years.  Otherwise I’ve been to the UK, South Africa and Egypt.  I need to add to that list this year.

14. Do you speak any other language? According to everyone else,  NO.  But I know basic Kiswahili and I understand a little bit of Embu.  So I think I know 1.75 languages.

15. How many siblings do you have? Sooo many.  6

16. What is your favorite shop? I love New Look and LaSenza. 

 17. Favorite restaurant? I don’t really have a favorite.  But I love Thai and Chinese.  And a good old fashion burger sometimes (Burger Hut is the best for that). 

18. When was the last time you cried? Probably yesterday or something.  I’ve been a cry baby recently.  Growing up sucks sometimes. 

 19. Favorite Blog? Wow that’s hard.  I guess Thisisess.com . At least I see most of her posts.  Love them. 

20. Favorite Movie? HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS (Jim Carrey version) A Walk To Remember.  Warrior.  Harry Potter (all of them)

21. Favorite TV shows? One Tree Hill was my life as was 7th heaven, Dawson’s Creek, and Private Practice when they were still showing. Currently Chicago PD, Chicago Fire and Chicago Med are the BOMB!!! I also watch Grey’s Anatomy, Love And Hip Hop (guilty pleasure), Law and Order SVU, CSI Cyber, and Married At First Sight. 

 22. PC or Mac? Mac

 23. What phone do you have? IPhone 6

24. How tall are you? 5’6

25. Can you cook? Ummm I could survive if I was living on my own.  I think that’s good enough.

I actually found filling these questions out to be pretty fun.  I definitely recommend it to all of you (especially fellow bloggers out there).  If any of you know of any fun questionnaires or activities of this nature, let me know in the comment section.  I'd love to do some more.  

Until Next Time,
Chicago Show Lover.

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  1. Omg i thought I was the only one with the guilty pleasure of watching 7th heaven and Dawson’s Creek haha. Love it! And I love that you have 6 siblings! I'm one of 6 and I loved growing up in a big family. It's the best!

  2. I just got into avocados! Great with some chips!

  3. I am sure your Kiswahili is perfect :)

  4. it's so good knowing you. last one- can you cook? That's how i save my skin when my family nags me to learn to cook.;)

  5. I always love these post they tell you a lot about a person.

  6. oh my gosh i found the 2nd person who loved a walk to remember:)loooved One Tree Hill:) i did the same thing on my blog https://mildredsakina.wordpress.com/2015/02/18/50-random-things/