LIFESTYLE: 5 TEDx Talks To Inspire And Motivated You This February


Hey Lovelies,


Happy February!!!  I am feeling so positive this month and I want to share some of that positivity with some inspiration and motivations for you all.  Here are 5 Tedx Talks (I LOVE THESE) to get you dreaming, moving, accomplishing and succeeding.  Watch and be inspired:


Dream Big And Make It Happen

How To Live In Life's Silver Lining

How To Get Yourself From A To Z

How To Recognize And Overcome Your Fear

Hilarious Explanation On Excuses  

They're great aren't they.  I had so many Aha! moments.  Let me know in the comment section if you had some too.

Until Next Time,
An Inspired Blogger.

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  1. These are great TED Talks! I plan on sharing one or two with my students this month. When February comes around, it's not atypical to find them in a slump. These will help get them going again!

  2. TED talks are awesome. Thanks for the list, I'll be sure to check them out :)