Journey Post: The Mess


Do you ever find yourself looking at someone and thinking, ‘I WISH I had their life’?  I know I have. You find yourself wishing you were as beautiful as they are, or as successful, as talented, or as lucky (you get the picture). The point is their lives just seem so put together, easy, PERFECT.  But then you’re told that the gorgeous girl who you thought all the guys would die to be with……..has been cheated on……MULTIPLE TIMES (who would cheat on THAT girl???? Look at her!!! ).
And the successful dude whose life seems so stable…..well he’s hit a few bumps over the years and has spent a few nights without a roof over his head. Oh and that super confident girl whose confidence you would kill to have? Well turns out she’s not quite so confident when she goes home to her abusive husband. And story after story, you start to realize that just like you, these people also have their fair share of triumphs and tribulations, successes and failures, laughs and tears.  You start to realize that the juxtapositions are what make life, LIFE.  

As I muddle my way through my 20s I’m learning that everyone that glitters is NOT made of gold.  People are messy and imperfect and complicated and go through as much bad as they do good. And I’m learning that that’s good. You make mistakes and learn from them, get scars and grow from them and you get knocked down and you get up again. I’m kinda enjoying the mess of my life. The figuring it all out part. The making mistakes and learning from it phase. The realization that I DONT WANT the perfect life I imagine that gorgeous girl has (I’m in denial by the way, no one cheated on THAT girl! No way!). I want messy and complicated and exhilarating and depressing and full of tears both sad and happy and always always REAL.   I just hope that decades from now I can look back and there’ll be more smiles and laughs than scowls.  And if I need to fall down a few times to appreciate the rising up, I’m ok with that. 

Its not until your breath is taken away by a sunrise that you appreciate the beauty and perfection of the darkness it breaks.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this message :) something I used to really struggle with!